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VERB, a peer-reviewed online and print journal of the humanities, is
soliciting articles, fiction, and poetry for our second of four issues
on "waste," broadly defined. Submissions can apply, describe, analyze,
expand, or compare cultural, textual, or theoretical understandings of
waste in any form: garbage, excess, poorly-spent time, poorly exercised
potential, and so forth. Submissions can also examine how various media
-- literature, film, or the plastic arts -- interpret waste. And we're
open to other ideas, too.

VERB will accept scholarly articles, fiction, and poetry of almost any
length for publication in our online journal; submissions to be
considered for our print journal should be no more than 3000 words
(about twelve double-spaced pages) in length, excluding endnotes.The
deadline for submissions to the second issue is 11/15/05; later
submissions will be considered for future issues.

Finally, VERB is an interdisciplinary journal and consequently has a
constant need for reviewers/referees in any humanities discipline --
English Literature, Popular Culture, American Studies, Cultural
Anthropology, History, and Philosophy, to name a few. Interested
candidates should send a short letter of intent and a CV to

*To read our editorial policies, visit:

*To read the submission guidelines and submit your work, visit

*To read the current issue of VERB, visit:

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Nate Eastman



This information from our manual for reviewers may help you better craft
a piece for submission:

///VERB/ is an interdisciplinary journal published and sponsored by the
Humanities Center at Lehigh University. Its goals are to encourage,
collect, and make available writing from a variety of disciplinary
perspectives on topics that lend themselves to socially significant and
original academic work. It also appears in a newsprint version available
by request from the Lehigh University Humanities Center. Our audience
consists of undergraduate and graduate students, university faculty, and
dedicated nonspecialists.

Manuscripts considered for publication in /VERB/ should fulfill the
following criteria:

Relevance: The manuscript should focus on /VERB/'s topic (e.g. waste);
the connection of the manuscript's content to the theme for each issue
of /VERB/ should be immediate and clear.

Significance: The manuscript should address an issue or several issues
of social or academic significance, broadly defined.

Originality: The manuscript should make a contribution to the academic
discipline or disciplines in which it works.

Perceptiveness: The manuscript's treatment of its subject or subjects
should be non-trivial and non-obvious to an expert in the field.

Accessibility: The manuscript's style, tone, and subject should be
accessible to our readers: discipline-specific theory and jargon should
be avoided or explained; discipline-specific understandings of subjects
and events should be broadened to fit an audience of intellectually able
and academically interested nonspecialists.

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