CFP: Decrypting Codes of Silence: Strategies in Literature for Speaking from Margins (grad) (12/31/05; 2/24/06-2/26/06)

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The following call for papers is for a panel to be included in the 12th Annual
Southwest Graduate English Symposium in Tempe, AZ, February 24-26, 2006.

Decrypting Codes of Silence: Strategies in Literature for Speaking from Margins
Chair: Micheal Sean Bolton

This panel will present works which discuss various way in which authors
utilize or depict strategies for silenced subjects to find voice and speak
against dominant discourses. Various approaches can include readings or re-
readings of authors who are themselves writing from marginal positions,
interpretations of marginal characters in various literatures, readings of
literatures that explore factors and effects of dominant cultures or structures
on silenced peoples, discussion of literary movements that attempt to break
cultural silences/silencings. For example, explorations of socio-political
factors in Isabel Allende's House of Spirits, the use of experimental
strategies in Magical Realism, or the nature of subjectivity in Kafka's The

Please send submissions of 350 words or less to
Deadline for submissions is December 31st, 2005

Along with your abstract attachment, please include home and office phone
numbers, complete mailing address, e-mail address, AV requirements, and
professional affiliation. E-mail submissions are encouraged and more
information is available online:

Sean Bolton
Graduate Teaching Associate
Department of English
Arizona State University
Tempe AZ 85287-0302

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