CFP: Roundtable on Adjunct Professors (12/1/05; NEMLA, 3/2/06-3/5/06)

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Northeast Modern Language Association Conference=20
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=20
March 2-5, 2006=20
Abstracts are invited for a roundtable on adjuncts in the teaching of writi=
ng. Participants will have 5 minutes for preliminary remarks before a gener=
al discussion. Preference will be given to panelists with adjunct status, =
those who hire and supervise adjuncts, and independent scholars seeking to =
acquire adjunct positions.
Suggested topics include, but are not limited to: pedagogical challenges fo=
r part-timers; scholarship; access to resources; salary and unions; seguewa=
ys into the tenure track; "permanent" part-timers; adjunct teacher as hobby=
ist/professionalization; graduate students/ABDs as adjuncts; supervising ad=
juncts; adjuncts working full-time in other careers.
100-word abstracts or 500-word final papers by December 1st
Lisa DeTora , Independent Scholar/University of Scranton ;=20
NEMLA Adjunct Caucus Director=20
P.O. Box 69, Swiftwater PA 18370 ; ph. (570) 688-9269 (home); e-mail=20
For a complete information for the 2006 NEMLA Conference:=20

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