CFP: Secrets & Lies (Puerto Rico) (1/12/06; CEA-CC, 3/24/06-3/25/06)

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CEA Caribbean Chapter

College English Association - Caribbean Chapter=20
Spring 2006 Conference: 24-25 March 2006=20
"Secrets and Lies"
University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez=20

The CEA-CC invites proposals (for 20-minute paper) on any aspect of the =
topic, including, but not limited to the aesthetics of lies/secrets; =
Public vs. Private Secrets, Secret Histories; Political Secrets; Secret =
Agents, Espionage, Treason; Secret Identities; Secret Societies; Secret =
Codes; Gender Codes; Family Secrets, White Lies; Institutional Lies; =
Lying under oath; Cultural Perceptions of Lies; Lies vs. Truth; =
Constructions of Truth; Half-Truths; Hidden Truths, etc.

Please send 200-250 word proposal to cea_caribbeanchapter_at_hotmail by 12 =
January 2006.
Proposals may be sent by email as part of a text message but not as=20
attachments. Presenters must be pre-registered members of the CEA-CC for =
the conference.=20

More information available at=20

Vartan Messier (President) and Nandita Batra (Secretary)=20
College English Association-Caribbean Chapter=20

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