CFP: Trollope and Gender (UK) (2/1/06; 7/17/06-7/19/06)

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Trollope and Gender

July 17 – 19 2006

Exeter University, U.K.

Keynote Speakers:

Robert Polhemus, Stanford University

Deborah Denenholz Morse, The College of William and Mary

Mark Turner, King's College, London

Plenary Chair: Regenia Gagnier, Exeter University

Speakers include: Mary Jean Corbett (Miami at Ohio) on Trollope, Gender, and
Ireland; Lauren Goodlad (Illinois, Urbana Champaign) on Trollope, Gender and
Foreign Policy; Margaret Markwick (Exeter) on Trollope's New Men; Kathy
Psomaides (Duke) on Trollope and the Feminist Critique of Liberalism.

>From the first gender-sensitive critique of Trollope's women by Morse, through
Polhemus's erotically-charged account of Phineas Finn in love to Turner's
genderised reading of narrative technique differentiated according to
audience, the last two decades have witnessed a diametric shift in how we read
Trollope. Today John Stuart Mill's articulation of liberalism sits well with
Trollope's open and frank approach to gender and sexuality. We invite papers
drawn from re-readings of Anthony Trollope in the light of the most recent
thinking in gender studies.

How have perceptions of his presentation of women changed over the last twenty
years? How have the latest reframings of Victorian masculinities shaped the
reinterpretations of Trollope's men, and how have ideas of queer theory
shifted perceptions of those Trollope characters who operate at the margins?
In suggesting these possibilities, we do not seek to circumscribe the field of
study of the conference; we wish to welcome a wide and diverse view of the
significance of Trollope studies in the twenty-first century.

Topics might include­but are not limited to­the following:

Sex and the City: The Palliser Novels. Queer Trollope. Erotic Languages.
Feminist Trollope? Money and Gender. Liberalism and Gender. Vulgar Women.
Celibacy, or Renunciation and its Pains – and Delights. Foreignness and
Gender. Sex and the Irish Question. Homosocial Bonds. Trollope's Fallen Women.
Oedipal Trollope. Trollope, Gender, and the Jewish Question. Unrequited Love.
Family Bonds, – and Bondage. Trollopian Mothers. Child Erotics. Breeding and
Heredity. Gendered Illustrations – Millais and Others.

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