UPDATE: An End to the New? Re-assessing the Claims for New Media Writing(s) (1/30/06; journal issue)

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Stewart, Gavin
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CALL FOR PAPERS Vol 12. no 4.Winter 2006=20

An End to the New? Re-assessing the claims for New Media Writing(s)
Guest-edited by Simon Mills, Gavin Stewart & Sue Thomas=20

The focus of the special issue:

This special edition of Convergence marks the tenth anniversary of the
trAce Online Writing Centre, UK. To commemorate this landmark event, the
guest editors are seeking to evaluate the state-of-the-art of new media

This special edition will seek to re-assess the claims made for these
forms over the last decade, to challenge the dominant ideologies and
terminologies of this maturing field, and to provide a critical
re-evaluation of new media writing(s) in all its forms.=20

We encourage discussion of the following:=20

The institutional settings of new media writing(s)=20
The relationship between academia and new media writing(s)=20
Re-assessments of the claims made for hypertext, new media or digital
writing(s) over the past decade=20
Art policies and development strategies for new media writing(s)=20
The audience for new media writing(s)=20
The economics of new media writing(s)=20
Pedagogical approaches to new media writing(s)=20
The historical context of new media writing(s)=20
The relationship between new media writing(s) and other digital arts=20

Copy deadline for refereed research articles: 30 January 2006=20
All proposals, inquiries and submissions for this special issue to:=20

Gavin Stewart, Artistic Project Manager=20
trAce Online Writing Centre=20
Nottingham Trent University=20
Clifton Lane=20
NG11 8NS=20
United Kingdom=20

e-mail: mailto:gavin.stewart_at_ntu.ac.uk
phone: ++44 (0)115 848 3569

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