CFP: Faith or Imagination in Literature of Magical Realism (grad & undergrad) (12/17/05; Acacia, 2/17/06-2/18/06)

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Acacia Group
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Acacia Group's 2006 Conference: Politicizing Texts

The Acacia Group of California State University, Fullerton is seeking
papers for our 2006 conference to be held February 17th and 18th,
2006. We are interested papers/presentations for the following
suggested panel:

"Magical Realism: Real or Imaginary?"
There is very little agreement to what the terms and condition are in
the genre of magical realism. It can be argued that there is an
element of faith in magical realism, that asks the reader to expand
their perspective of the world and allow for the realistic possibility
of a space in which the magical and the real coexist. Conversely,
magical realism is also seen as closer to fantastic literature, in
that it creates a literary space that is based on the imagination, not
reality, in which supernatural elements are only metaphorical
representations. This topic invites papers that explore the
spirituality, or lack thereof, in magical realism.

We are accepting completed paper submissions only, no abstracts
please. Creative writing/productions/performance contributions are
encouraged to function as commentaries on or expressions of any and
all of the topics listed, or, they may be submitted individually for
special panel consideration. Submissions that will not be presented
in written form (performances, art, etc.) must include a brief (1-2
page) explanation of the submission's relevance to the topic/theme,
materials used, and concepts explored. All presentations, whether
written, performed, or shown may not exceed 20 minutes.

Submission Deadline: December 17, 2005
Conference date: February 17-18, 2006
Please note submissions are open to graduate and undergraduate students.
Please note panel title in your subject line and send completed papers
of 10-12 pages in Word format to:

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