CFP: Global States (1/15/06; 5/5/06-5/6/06)

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Global States

Announcing a conference hosted by the graduate students in the Department
of Comparative Literature at UC Irvine, May 5-6, 2006

Featuring a keynote dialogue between Judith Butler, Maxine Elliot
Professor in Rhetoric and Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley, and
Gayatri Spivak, Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities at Columbia

This conference will delineate various "states" of sentiment, desire, or
affect, and examine their deployment on--or relation to--the global scene
of political and economic "states." Within contemporary landscapes, the
proliferating language of sentiment and feeling (memory, mourning, terror,
cruelty, suffering, pleasure, paranoia, and nostalgia) appears encoded in
political, economic, and legal processes. Our intention is to shift the
parameters of current debates on globalization onto new planes of
experience and to interrogate the neutral terms under which the name of
the global is invoked.

What forms and relations of subjectivity are generated at the quilting
point of states of sentiment and politico-economic states?

How might states of sentiment underscore the conditions constitutive of
rational states, normative and ontological?

What resistant possibilities are enabled through states of sentiment?
Renewed forms of subjectivity, collectivity, globality?

**Thematic considerations may include:

The Global as Planet/World/Life-Worlds

Empire, Humanist Utopias, and the Relevance of the Humanities

Inscribing Global Bodies

Diaspora and Alternative Globalizations

Sovereignty and Modalities of Subjectivation

Psychoanalysis in Collective Domains

Colonial Intimacies, Race, and Neocolonial Formations

Global Visions, Fascinations, and Fantasies -- Transnational Culture and

We welcome all submissions including those which concern literature,
poetry, drama, film, architecture, geography, queer and gender studies,
psychoanalysis, cultural studies, geopolitics, urban studies, contemporary
popular culture, critical race studies, diaspora and transnational
studies, traditional and new media, ethnology, political theory,
philosophy, religious studies, and critical theory.

Please send abstracts of about 500 words to by
January 15, 2006. Questions may also be sent to the same address.
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