CFP: Humanism and the Global Hybrid (11/30/05; ACLA, 3/23/06-3/26/06)

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Humanism and the Global Hybrid=20

ACLA 2006, Princeton University, 3/23/06 - 3/26/06

Seminar Organizers: Dr. Assimina Karavanta, National & Kapodistrian =
University of Athens, Greece & Dr. Nina Morgan, Kennesaw State =

In Humanism and Democratic Criticism, Edward Said defines humanism as =
"the practice of participatory citizenship" whose "purpose is to make =
more things available to critical scrutiny" and thus disclose its "human =
misreading and misinterpretations of a collective past and present" =
(22). In a postcolonial and global era that bears witness to a rapid =
mobility of peoples often thrown together by fate, it is imperative to =
rethink humanism as the practice that opens to a wide gamut of political =
and aesthetic forms of representation of what we wish to call the =
"global hybrid" that emerges in the public realm of the global sphere. =
As the rapid flows of capital and labor force are producing new social, =
economic and political conditions of co-existence, the reinvention of =
common space or "public sphere", and the active participation in the =
constitution of "a citizenship-in-the-making", to use Etienne =
Balibar=92s term, are necessary. We invite papers that meticulously =
study the humanistic tradition and the need to rethink humanism as a =
"democratic practice", that is, as an intellectual praxis in the context =
of the newly constituting and constituted postcolonial and global =
conditions. Especially welcome are papers that address the need to =
rethink the field of comparative literature as a form of humanistic =
practice that can contribute to the envisioning of a global community =
that is open to hybrid forms of existence and representation.=20

Please submit your proposals (250 words) online through the ACLA website = before 30 November, 2005.

Please feel free to contact us at or =

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