CFP: Norman Mailer: On Fascism (1/15/06; ALA, 5/25/06-5/28/06)

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American Literature Association
17th Annual Conference, May 25-28, 2006
San Francisco, CA

Norman Mailer Society

"Nazism," Mailer writes in The Prisoner of Sex (1971), "conquered Europe
from within, conquered it before the war, conquered it psychologically."
In Why Are We At War (2003), he says that most Americans are "living with
a state of mind that knows we are at war and there is nothing we can do
about it?" He then claims that fascism, perhaps the "natural government
for most people, given the uglier depths of human nature … is not going to
come with a political party." This panel invites proposals on Mailer's
views on fascism. Political, philosophical, psychological, and
literary-critical approaches to this topic are welcome.

Please send a one-page abstract by January 15, 2006, to:

Ashton Howley
Department of English
University of Ottawa
70 Laurier Street East
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
K1N 6N5

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