CFP: Natural Subjectivity: The Textual Making of the Human or Natural Subject (11/30/05; ACLA, 3/23/06-3/26/06)

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CFP for a panel atthe next ACLA (American Compartive Literature
Association Annual Meeting to take place on March 23-26, 2006, at
Princeton University.

Natural Subjectivity: The Textual Making of the Human or Natural Subject

This panel seeks to explore the textual constructing of Human, Animal,
and/or Environmental Subjectivity in relation to each other. Papers from
any theoretical approach will be welcome, especially from: Ecological
Criticism, Gender, Postcolonial, Ethnic, Subaltern Studies, Philosophical,
or Psychoanalytical perspectives. Different definitions of Subjectivity
are also welcome. Though the object of study can be any text/s, fiction
or not, belonging to any period or tradition, the paper should focus on
the way the text constitutes the subject (Human, Animal, Env.).
It should seek to answer these or similar questions:
1) How is the Subject constituted within the text on a formal, structural
or aesthetic level?
2) Is there any Subjectivity achieved outside the text?
3) Is this a speaking subject? Who is s/he speaking to? What are the
consequences of this speech? Is any kind of agency attained through this
4) What is the relationship between the Subjective and the Objective world?
5) What is Subjectivity? What is its relation to the environment? Does
Subjectivity necessarily imply consciousness and agency?
6) What are some moral consequences of subjectivity?

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by Novermber 30, 2005. Sent copy to

Patricia Ferrer-Medina, seminar leader

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