UPDATE: Testimony and Collective Memory in Literature of the Holocaust (11/25/05; Red River, 4/21/06-4/23/06)

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erin mae clark
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Please note that the deadline for paper proposals has been extended to 11/25/06.
    The Ninth Annual Red River Conference on World Literature
  North Dakota State University, Fargo
  April 21-23, 2006
  This proposed panel will examine the ways in which the writer/survivor negotiates his or her role in narrating the Holocaust. As Charlotte Delbo tells us in the headnote to her three-volume trilogy, Auschwitz and After, ?Today I am not sure that what I wrote is true. I am certain it is truthful.? Thus for a writer such as Delbo, the purpose of testimony is both to convey personal experience and to commemorate silenced voices.
  This panel welcomes 250 word abstracts that address questions of personal and collective memory, or which seek to explore another aspect of testimony related to this topic, such as traumatic personal narrative or the place of fiction in the Holocaust testimonial.
  Please send abstracts by Nov. 25 as a Word attachment to
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  Erin Mae Clark
  Department of English
  Washington State University
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