CFP: Postmodern Authorship (12/15/05; ASU, 2/24/06-2/26/06)

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(Re)Markable Identities: Confronting, Corrupting, and Conflating Cultural
February 24-26, 2006
Arizona State University œ Tempe, Arizona

Call for papers:

In The Postmodern Condition, Jean Lyotard suggests, gA postmodern artist or
writer is in the position of a philosopher; the text he writes, the work he
produces are not in principle governed by preestablished rules, and they
cannot be judged according to a determined judgment.h How then are we to
consider the postmodern artist or writer?

Authorfs and artists of postmodern work have been simultaneously accused of
presupposing a separation between author/artist and reader/viewer where the
postmodern artist claims authority in mapping out a landscape that the
audience is expected to navigate, and of blurring the lines between the role
of reader/viewer and author/artist in a collaborative move. Again, how are
we to critically consider authorship in light of these types of critiques?

In keeping with the theme of the conference: (Re)Markable Identities:
Confronting, Corrupting, and Conflating Cultural Discourses, the goal of
this panel is to explore the question of postmodernism and how it pertains
to contemporary authorship/artistry. Papers can deal with any literary or
artistic genre, interdisciplinary approaches that incorporate politics,
film, popular culture, questions of religion or so forth are both welcomed
and encouraged. Given the sheer diversity of definitions of postmodernism in
existence, papers are required to be overt in their theoretical allegiances,
so to speak. However, any approach from across the theoretical spectrum is

Paper Abstracts for 20 minute presentations should be no more than 350 words
and submitted by December 15, 2005

Please include home and office numbers, complete mailing address, e-mail
address, professional affiliation, and AV requirements with your submission.

Please send abstracts to:
Stacey Jackson

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