CFP: Creative Writing/Media in Context (grad) (12/17/05; Acacia, 2/17/06-2/18/06)

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Acacia Group's 2006 Conference: Politicizing texts
The Acacia Group of California State University, Fullerton is seeking papers
for our 2006 conference to be held February 17 and 18, 2006. We are
interested in papers/presentations for the following suggested panel:
Creative Writing/Media in Context
Can a moment in time be captured? Please submit your writing/mixed media
expressing the attempt/desire/accomplishment/impossibility of
recreating/describing/capturing a moment in time.
Do we know ourselves? Can we know anyone else? Do we instead create
ideas/impressions/representations of ourselves and others? If so, what do/can these
accomplish? What are they meant to accomplish? Please submit your
writing/mixed media concerning your ideas about or practice of these concepts.
What is a poem/short story/novel? How is one read? How is one created?
Please submit writing/mixed media that demonstrates your ideas about these
Is plot important? Must things happen? Are events, conflict, resolution
necessary? Please submit your writing/mixed media that utilizes/examines/negates
these concepts.
Precedence: bulk

We are accepting completed paper submissions only, no abstracts, please.
Creative writing/productions/performance contributions are encouraged to
function as commentaries on or expressions of any and all topics listed, or, they
may be submitted individually for special panel consideration. Submissions that
will not be presented in written form (performances, art, etc.) must include
a brief (1-2) page explanation of the submission's relevance to the
topic/theme, materials used, and concepts explored. All presentations, whether
written, performed, or shown, may not exceed 20 minutes.
Submission Deadline: December 17, 2005
Conference Date: February 17-18, 2006

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