CFP: Dialogue: Musical Voices (1/10/06; e-zine issue)

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Theme for Volume 2 Issue 1:
Dialogue: Musical Voices

This theme features dialogue in all its colorful and musical forms. This is
not a stringent theme that blasts you with phonetic demands or clarion
stipulations that stagnate the creative flow of words, shots, or paint.

Free and open like the vastness of the blue above. Write, design, snap,
brush onto canvass what your creative mind decides in whispers into the left
or right ear saying what dialogue means to you in your deepest
thoughts-tapping ever so gently onto your soul.

Deadline: January 10, 2006

Submissions accepted year round. Submit to any theme that interests you.
Please specify theme or magazine issue number in email subject line.

Featured Artist/Writer positions available for most themes. All submissions
will be considered for the Featured positions. Some submissions will be
chosen for publication-without compensation-that did not garner the featured

Starting with Volume 2, Issue 1, Featured Poet, Featured Short Fiction
Writer, Featured Creative Non-Fiction Writer, and Featured Artist positions
will be available for each issue, including but not limited to:
1. An extended biography of works and accomplishments.

2. A personal biography that may or may not include (writer or artist
discretion) What inspired the writer or artist, who the featured
writer/artist is; who are their favorite writers/artists; how they got
started; what they think makes a great writer/artist; helpful hints for
other artists or writers that have worked for them (all optional).

3. Receives top billing on the cover and is delineated as the Feature Poet,
Featured Short Fiction Writer, Featured Creative Non-Fiction Writer, or
Artist on any pages referring to the issue featured in, contents pages, and

4. Links to sites and magazines that the writer/artist has previously
published in (optional).

5. Links to purchasable work(s) the writer/artist has available.

6. Photo posted full size on a separate, full page biography.

7. And a $10.00 compensation for participating as a Feature Poet, Featured
Short Fiction Writer, Featured Creative Non-Fiction Writer, or Artist
(Payment can be made in the form of a cashier's check, Paypal, or money
order and will be mailed or deposited into your Paypal account by the
decision deadline of January 20, 2006).
 Submission suggested rules for all themes and E-Zine issues:

*Please submit written works in Microsoft Word.

*Limit poetry submissions to six.

*Limit Short fiction and Non-fiction to 6,000 words.

*Limit articles to 6,000 words.

*Limit of six photos/art pieces/graphic design per email (Through post,
photographs are unlimited). Please send art files and photography files in
300dpi ( most scanners settings are defaulted to 300dpi, however this
setting can be changed in the scanners settings menu).

*Multi media works are welcome.

*Rights are retained by the artists, but submitters give Sage of
Consciousness permission to display their work in one version of an online
issue and one version of a printed rendition of the issue by submitting to
Sage of Consciousness (print issues are forthcoming within the next year).

*Please include a 100 word or less biography with submission. Photographs of
artists and writers will be posted with biography if you choose to send one
with submissions.

Email Submissions to:
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