CFP: Internationalization of American Studies/Transpacific American Studies (1/10/06; ASA, 10/12/06-10/16/06)

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Tatsushi Narita

      Seeking papers on (1) critiques of current practices of
internationalization of American studies or on (2) topics concerning
¡ÈTranspacific¡É American studies for a panel at American Studies
Association conference to be held in Oakland, CA, October 12-16, 2006. The
panel is entitled Internationalization of American Studies and
¡ÈTranspacific¡É American. Also, I am seeking commentator and chair for this
proposed session.
      These few years the field of American Studies is undergoing a radical
transformation with respect to internationalization. However, despite the
admirable reciprocal exchange history, for example, of annually held
ASA-JAAS projects, internationalization of American Studies would seem to
have remained one of the seminal issues confronting Americanists either
implicitly or explicitly. Has reciprocity of international mutual respect in
the strict sense of the phrase been achieved at a level deserving of praise?
Does the lack, if any, of reciprocity have something to do with the way we
define such terms as internationalization and globalism? In what way would
we be able to construct a two-way interactive system?

      Some Americanists come very close to saying that US scholars are
intrinsically American-focused and quite often are responsible for tacitly
and even disingenuously relegating the non-US-based counterparts to a
marginalized situation. Others argue to the contrary, pointing out that the
situation is international/ non-US based Americanists¡Ç problem and not a
primary problem of US-based scholars. What do you think?

      On a positive note, what new concrete and particular paper
contributions would you be able to make by presenting something innovative
in the area related to the Pacific? What should be the basic issues to be
explored even today in the new field Transpacific American Studies (that is,
if possible, in connection with globalism)? How do you intend to evaluate
our new Transpacific field by comparing it with another admirable
¡ÈTransatlantic¡É American Studies?

      Entitled as above, this session encompasses a wide range of topical
areas (either unidisciplinary or multidisciplinary topical areas) related to
the Pacific region, including but not limited to: (1) particular American
studies from an international and/or Transpacific perspective; (2)
conceptional issues in creating an innovative ¡ÈTranspacific American
Studies¡É; (3) pedagogical or curricular issues to be addressed from
International and/or Transpacific perspectives.

      Please email a one-page abstract and a short CV to Professor Tatsushi
Narita by January 10, 2006. If you wish to serve as the chair or
commentator, please email a one-paragraph explanation and a short CV by
January 10, 2006.

      Tatsushi Narita
      Professor of British and American Studies
      Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
      Nagoya City University
      1 Yamanohata, Mizuho-cho
      Mizuho-ku, Nagoya City 467
      Fax: +81 (52) 836-6502

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