CFP: Narrating Gender (grad) (1/5/06; McGill, 3/11/06-3/12/06)

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Melissa Fink
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12th Annual Graduate Conference on Language and Literature McGill
Theme: Permeability and Selfhood
March 11-12, 2006

This call for papers is for a panel to be held at Permeability and Selfhood,
the McGill Graduate Conference on Language and Literature, which will take
place March 11-12 at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Please email paper abstracts of approximately 300 words.

You can direct submissions to by January 5,

Thanks for your interest, please let me know if you have any questions.

Melissa Fink
(Panel Chair)

Narrating Gender: Representation and Identity Formation in Contemporary

This panel will explore textual expressions of gender in autobiographical
representations of identity and self. Writers including Audre Lorde and
Feinberg adopt autobiographical narrative as an outlet through which to
deviant gender identities. These texts provide a forum for self-affirmation,
well as a means to social recognition and increased understanding. This
is explicitly interested in bodies that resist normative expressions of
including but certainly not limited to: working-class bodies,
bodies, queer bodies, and bodies of colour. The panel seeks to understand
deviant bodies are textually represented, as well as how autobiographical
narrative rewrites and reclaims stigmatized gender identities.

Some questions this panel could address are:

How are autobiographical narratives explicitly gendered—or, how does gender
determine the narration of self?

What is the role of the reader in problematizing, challenging or validating
textual identity?

How is systematic oppression or violence represented within identity

How might race, class, sexuality, ability, or other components of identity
intersect with gender in autobiographical narratives?

How do autobiographical texts promote or sustain traditionally-invisiblized
portraits of self?

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