CFP: The English Record - Gender in the Classroom (12/20/06; journal issue)

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J. Roy
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Winter 2006: Deadline for submissions 12/20/06

Gender in the Classroom

The ever changing dynamics of gender roles in our society must certainly =
be reflected in not only the ways our students approach literature, but =
also in the ways genders are represented in modern literature and the =
manner in which educators plan their presentations. As times have =
changed, how can teachers help students to understand women such as Lady =
Macbeth or Blanche, from A Streetcar Named Desire? Are women authors =
represented and valued as integral parts of our curricula? Consider the =
challenges in teaching a novel dominated by male characters to a mixed =
gender classroom. How do we ensure that all students are involved and =
feel included in the exploration of such a text? What are effective =
ways of introducing and exploring literature centered around or told =
from the point of view of a female character? What happens when such a =
book is presented to an entirely male class? In addition to tackling =
the gender issues within literature and in presenting gender specific =
texts, what role does gender play in the classroom? Do boys and girls =
respond differently to texts? to teachers? to each other? Please share =
experiences, techniques, effective lesson plans, and research on related =
subjects. =20

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including your name, school and grade(s) taught, home and work telephone =
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