CFP: Topographies and Temporalities of the Human (11/30/05; ACLA, 3/23/06-3/26/06)

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Dale Shin
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ACLA 2006 Annual Meeting: The Human and Its Others

Princeton University, March 23-26, 2006

Topographies and Temporalities of the Human
Seminar Organizer(s): Dale Shin, York University

Space and time have been central, organizing categories in many philosophical,
scientific, and aesthetic constructions of the human. What it means to be a
human subject (or conversely, a subhuman one) have classically been defined
along these two axes, in terms drawn from a well-known family of
spatio-temporal metaphors and motifs - at one extreme, the human as constituted
by limitless horizons and latitude of movement, at another, a providential,
purposeful unfolding of history. This seminar invites papers that address and
interrogate the centrality of either of these two tropes in representations of
the human, in various kinds of texts and media, and across different historical
periods and geographical contexts. Some questions that might be posed in this
connection include: the privileging of a poetics of space and time, or vice
versa, in different literary-philosophical discourses; the differential
spatialities and temporalities of raced and gendered subjects within the
normative space and time of Western 'man'; property as colonization of space;
the impact of recent transformations in regimes of space and economies of time
on contemporary configurations of the human; the body as site and moment of

Please submit abstracts (200-250 words) by November 30, 2005. Inquiries should
be directed to Dale Shin at: Submissions should be made
through the ACLA website:

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