CFP: Synthetic Sensations: The Five Senses and New Media (UK) (12/20/05; 6/30/06)

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Bahjat-Abbas, Niran

Synthetic Sensations-The Fives Senses and New Media
Kingston University-Dorich House UK

One day conference June 30 2006

Synthetic Sensations looks closely at how the "lived" world is affected
by representational forms generated by communication technologies,
especially digital and optical virtual technologies. New technologies
involve the technological management of the five senses. This conference
aims to embrace the practical and theoretical frameworks that give rise
to our sense of embodiment. As the mediating forces between the body and
the entirety of the external world, the senses are both biological and
cultural, empirical and imaginative, objective and intensely personal.

An assessment of the techno-senses poses a number of problems of both
dislocation and intense integration with the rapid development of
biotechnology and digital art. Developments in human cloning, artificial
wombs, digital models, virtual presence, augmented reality,
sousveillance, foods that counteract various ailments, replacement
organs, artificial noses, isolating the human pheromone and so on affect
and measure cultural transformation according to corresponding
alterations in sensory perception, taste, sound, touch and feel.

In the twenty-first century, what is the impact of communication
technologies on human senses? Can we recreate them artificially? How do
they enhance our natural senses? Or do they dislocate us further from
what it means to be a human being?

The conference invites proposals that will address the following, but
not limited to;

Virtual environments,
Augmented Reality
Human Avatars
Virtual Presence
Digital Art
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Life
Computer games
Urban Cities and Landscapes

The deadline for proposal submissions is Dec 20, 2006. Completed
proposals should include your name, professional affiliation, contact
information, a brief (one paragraph) bio, and an abstract of 350-700
words. The organizers welcome collaborative proposals for panel
sessions, as well as individual submissions.

Proposals should be submitted electronically. Please send proposals for
review to

Please note that the conference organizers are planning a publication
based on the conference and request the right of first review on all
conference papers.

For further information please contact either:

Prof. Stephen Barber Media Arts

Dr Niran Bahjat-Abbas
Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies (Digital Media)
Kingston University
School of Humanities, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Penrhyn Road Centre,
Penrhyn Road, Kingston, Surrey



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