CFP: Transnationalism in Irish Women's Fiction (3/31/06; collection)

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CFP: Cosmopolitanism and Transnationalism in Irish Women's Fiction. =20


We are seeking articles for a collection focusing on transnational =
content and context in modern Irish and Anglo-Irish fiction by women. =
Studies of Irish women's fiction published over the past decade have =
done important work by exploring the various relationships between =
gender and nationalism that Irish women have addressed in their =
fictional narratives. Extending and revising this significant body of =
scholarship, this collection will consider the ways in which issues of =
internationalism, cosmopolitanism, and transnationalism inform, enrich, =
and complicate fiction by Irish women. It will thus also address how =
traditional (and implicitly male-centered) rubrics of Irish nationalism =
and transnationalism have obscured or misinterpreted these =
contributions. =20

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:=20

  a.. Transnational literature that recuperates cosmopolitan Irish =
identities formerly subsumed by nationalist paradigms
  b.. Studies of how and where women's texts have challenged standard =
alignments of cosmopolitan or exilic mobility and modern or postmodern =
  c.. Domestic spaces traversed by national and international figures, =
communities, and interests=20
  d.. Texts that negotiate the interplay of transnational and Irish =
national identities=20
  e.. Texts that explore the interplay of gender and transnational =
  f.. Globalization and Romance: remapping the gendering of form=20
  g.. Travel writing/writing travel: Irish women on the move

While canonical figures such as Elizabeth Bowen are of particular =
interest, we are open to studies of any modern Irish or Anglo-Irish =
women authors.


Inquiries regarding this collection can be forwarded to the co-editors =
by email:


Kate Costello-Sullivan, Le Moyne College,

or Nels C. Pearson, Tennessee State University,


Editors request the submission of completed manuscripts, in duplicate, =
by March 31, 2006 to:=20

Dr. Kate Costello-Sullivan

Assistant Professor, Modern Irish Literature

English Department

Le Moyne College

1419 Salt Springs Road

Syracuse, NY 13214

                        TSU =20
                        Nels C Pearson
                        Assistant Professor of English Tennessee State =
                        Dept. of Languages, Literature=20
                        and Philosophy
                        3500 John A Merritt Blvd.
                        Nashville, TN 37209 =20
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