CFP: Burney Society (5/31/06; 10/26/06)

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CFP: Burney Society (5/31/06; 10/26/06)

Call for Papers
The Burney Society's 2006 Annual Meeting

The Burney Society will be holding its annual meeting in Tucson, AZ on
October 26-27 , 2006. Our plenary speaker will be Margaret Anne Doody,

the John and Barbara Glynn Family Professor of Literature at the
University of Notre Dame. Professor Doody is the author of Frances
Burney: The Life in the Works and The True Story of the Novel, the
of Burney's Evelina, and the co-editor of Burney's Cecilia and The

This year's conference theme is "1814" -- a year that saw the exile of
Napoleon to Elba, the burning of the White House, and the end of the War

of1812, along with the premiere of Beethoven's 8th Symphony, the
introduction of the steam press at The London Times, and the composition

of "The Star Spangled Banner". The literary world saw the publication
Frances Burney's The Wanderer, along with Jane Austen's Mansfield Park,
Maria Edgeworth's Patronage, Lord Byron's "Corsair," William
"Excursion," and Walter Scott's Waverley. The Burney Society invites
submissions on any aspect of Frances Burney's life or work during that
year, including papers that focus on Burney in conjunction with
contemporary authors, or situate Burney in the cultural moment of 1814.

Please send paper proposals of 250 words (and any audio-visual
requirements) to Prof. Marilyn Francus, Department of English, West
University, 230 Stansbury Hall, P.O. Box 6296, Morgantown, WV 26506, or
via e-mail at, by May 31st, 2006.

For more information about the Burney Society, please visit our website

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