CFP: Love Potions in Harry Potter (1/2/06; LUMOS, 7/27/06-7/30/06)

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Melissa D. Aaron
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Panel or a roundtable on love potions in Harry Potter, especially on
their importance in *Half Blood Prince.* Short presentations sought
on different aspects of Love Potions. Examples might be Love Potion
Ethics, Love Potion Mechanics, how love potions in HP relate to
"real" historical/cultural love spells and potions, and Love Potions
and the fandom (aka "shipping.")

Email me by January 2nd if you are interested.

Some information from the Lumos website:

> Grab your broom, set your Portkey, or prepare to Apparate! From
> July 27-30, 2006, Las Vegas, Nevada is the place to be for Harry
> Potter fans near and far as we gather to attend Lumos 2006: A Harry
> Potter Symposium. Following our theme of "Back to School," we are
> planning a variety of daytime academic presentations and panels,
> including special workshops for educators and librarians. In the
> evenings, we'll be having fun with an assortment of activities,
> including Water Quidditch, Hogwarts Night Classes, and Live Chess.
> Prepare to be completely immersed in the world of Harry Potter. Our
> host hotel will be decorated Hogwarts-style, with a "Great Hall," a
> "Common Room" for all houses, and a library for those wishing to
> emulate our favorite bushy-haired witch. We'll also enjoy British
> food and butterbeer throughout the symposium.
> This event will mark the third such offering to be sponsored by HP
> Education Fanon, a non-profit educational organization. The first
> such event was Nimbus-2003, which took place in July 2003 in
> Orlando, Florida.

The Lumos site is accessible at

Melissa D. Aaron
Associate Professor of English and Foreign Languages
Cal Poly Pomona
3801 W. Temple Drive
Pomona CA 91768
(909) 869-3839

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