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Douglas Dowland


Guest Edited by Adalaide Morris, Mike Chasar, and Heidi Bean

The Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies seeks contributions for a special=20
issue, possible book project, and major conference presentation on the=20
topic of =93Poetries.=94 Our focus is not "The Poem" but the range and=20
multiplicity of poetries made newly visible by recent developments in=20
cultural studies=ADperformance studies, everyday life studies, book studies,=
etc. We are looking for essays that position poems as part of the material=
conditions, technologies, and social histories of their=20
moments. Contributors are encouraged to think broadly about poetic=20
utterances, the acts such utterances perform, and the intentional and=20
unintentional effects they have in specific contexts and communities as=20
they get produced, distributed, used and consumed as cultural=20
phenomena. As we wish to invite broad consideration of poetries, poems,=20
poetry criticisms and their communities, there are no restrictions on=20
period or place.

Essays may address, but are not limited to, the following kinds of topics:

=95 Poetry and the public landscape
=95 Poetry and politics (e.g., political poetry, poetry and activism, poet=
=95 Poetry and technology
=95 Poetry in performance (e.g., slam poetry, poet=92s theater, poetry and=
performativity, etc.)
=95 Poetry and, in, or as commodity culture
=95 Poetry in specific institutional settings (e.g. prisons, high schools,=
the workplace, writers workshops, chat rooms, etc.)
=95 Poems issued or excerpted on posters, cards or broadsides; collected in=
scrapbooks or printed in newspapers; appearing or referenced in film,=20
television or video
=95 Poetry, visual arts and material culture
=95 Documentary poems
=95 Poems by hoaxers, plagiarizers and polemicists
=95 =93Micropoetries=94 (Damon=92s term) such as greeting card verse,=
playground rhymes, and occasional poems

Deadline for submission is March 15, 2006. Please send to:

Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies =AD Poetries
308 English-Philosophy Building
The University of Iowa
Iowa City IA 52242-1492

Submit three hard copies of your manuscript, including a CD-R disc. The=20
disc should contain your manuscript, preferably in Microsoft Word. Include=
your name on the title page of the hard copies only. Manuscripts cannot be=
returned unless a self-addressed envelope with U.S. postage is provided.=20
Manuscripts must prepared following the MLA Style Manual: articles prepared=
in other formats will not be considered.

Authors must obtain permission for illustrations. A black and white glossy=
print of each illustration will be needed, though a photocopy is acceptable=
for initial submission. Captions should be typed on a separate piece of=20
paper with appropriate credits and permissions.

E-mail submissions are accepted only from individuals with unreliable=20
postal systems; e-mail submissions from anywhere else will not be=20
accepted. They may be sent, as well as general correspondence and=20
inquiries, to <>.

Visit the Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies on-line at=20

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