CFP: Boundaries (grad) (UK) (2/15/06; 6/3/06)

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Jenni Ramone

Call For Papers
Boundaries: critical and creative responses

Department of English and Drama

June 3rd 2006
10.30 am - 5.00 pm

The conference will be organized around a number of panels, each featuring
three twenty-minute papers, scheduled across the day. We hope that the day
will be as much about discussion as presentation, so postgraduates who do
not wish to present a paper are also strongly encouraged to attend.

We encourage creative and critical responses to the idea of boundaries,
which may include, but are not limited to, the following interpretations:

Geographical boundaries; Sudden boundaries: Wartime shifts in geographical
borders; Cultural boundaries; Boundaries of translation between different
languages; Sense/Nonsense; Reason/Unreason; Life, Death and the Afterlife;
Exceeding human boundaries: ESP, telepathy, mediumship; Interzones:
automata, robots and science fiction; Critical/Creative boundaries;
Historical events/fictional depiction; Writing creatively about other
cultures; Moral responsibility/creative licence; The literary canon;
Literary boundaries: genre; The boundary of the stage in theatre;
Transgression of legal boundaries: criminality; Social boundaries:
criminals, prostitutes, poets; Class boundaries; The Living space and its
boundaries: home, cell, ward; Fluid boundaries: bodies in the world; Gender
boundaries; Bodies, starvation and the self; Sexual boundaries; Loving and
loathing: emotional boundaries; Indulgent boundaries: the politics of

250-300 word proposals for 20 minute papers and a brief biographical note
should be sent (in Microsoft Word format) by February 15th 2006 to:

(via email)

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      Boundaries Conference Submissions
      Department of English and Drama
      Loughborough University
      LE11 3TU
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