UPDATE: Kairos and Film Studies (1/6/06; 2/24/06)

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Wendy Commons
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Note: the deadline for submissions to this panel has been changed to
January 6th, 2006.

A Symposium in Rhetoric: "Kairos & Film Studies"
Open to faculty, graduate students, and independent scholars

The Federation Rhetoric Committee of the Federation of North Texas
Area Universities
Texas Woman's University - Denton, Texas
ACT Bldg. 2nd Floor
February 24, 2006

A Definition of Kairos: "The opportune occasion for speech. The term
kairos has a rich and varied history, but generally refers to the way
a given context for communication both calls for and constrains one's
speech. Thus, sensitive to kairos, a speaker or writer takes into
account the contingencies of a given place and time, and considers the
opportunities within this specific context for words to be effective
and appropriate to that moment. As such, this concept is tightly
linked to considerations of audience (the most significant variable in
a communicative context) and to decorum (the principle of apt
speech)." Quoted courtesy of Silva Rhetoricae (rhetoric.byu.edu)

The Federation Rhetoric Committee is currently seeking papers
exploring kairos in relation to film studies. Movies have become a
tremendous part of our culture, and their development, production,
significance, and influence on our society deserve to be acknowledged
and examined.

The Rhetoric Symposium broadly defines kairos to incorporate a wide
variety of research interests. The Film Studies panel welcomes papers
from all academic areas including but not limited to: film in popular
culture, rhetoric in film and in the film industry, cultural
significance of particular films or of film as a medium, critical
examinations of particular films, and the interrelationship of film
and modern culture.

Submission guidelines:

Proposals should be in abstract form (approximately 250 words);
electronic submissions are preferred. Please send abstracts and a
brief biography to Wendy Commons at wcommons_at_twu.edu.

The deadline for submission of all proposals is January 6, 2006.
The keynote speaker will be Dr. Brenda Brueggeman of Ohio State University.

For additional details about the symposium, please visit the
conference web site: www.frs.suavecat.com

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