CFP: Philosophy Insights Series (12/31/06; book series)

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Mark Addis
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Call for proposals Philosophy Insights series

Authors in the Philosophy Insights series at Humanities Ebooks will be =
writing guides which they would expect other academics to recommend to =
their students. In place of summaries and model answers these books will =
provide a stimulating, suggestive yet authoritative introduction to =
matters of debate and interpretation. The series will characteristically =
raise rather more questions than it answers, will set readers thinking =
about questions before proposing answers, and will address some major =
issues dialogically.=20

A key feature of the Philosophy Insights series is that royalty rates =
are much higher than normal and it is anticipated authors will earn =
about $3000 per 1000 copies sold. Proposals for guides in this series =
are welcomed. The Insights series page is =

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