UPDATE: Rethinking Ephemera 1550-1800 (2/1/06; collection)

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Joshua B. Fisher
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Updated Call for Submissions
Rethinking Ephemera 1550-1800: From Scholarship to Classroom

Seeking three or four additional proposals for a volume tentatively entitled
Rethinking Ephemera 1550-1800: From Scholarship to Classroom. The editors
are looking for 5-6,000 word essays preferably on Restoration or Eighteenth
century topics although essay proposals on the early modern period will be
considered as well.

By presenting a wide range of definitions and theoretical perspectives as
well as a variety of pedagogical strategies and approaches for teaching and
exploring notions of early modern through eighteenth-century ephemera,
contributors will seek to address the following kinds of questions.

· What do we mean by ephemera? (non-extant, performative/gestural/anecdotal,
non-canonical, additional definitions)
· How can ephemeral matters/texts complicate discussions of
plays/performance/cultural contexts?
· How can we problematize binaries between ephemera and canonical works?
· To what extent can ephemeral traces and remnants serve pedagogical ends?
What kinds of justifications are there for incorporating ephemera in the
· What kinds of teaching strategies and lesson plans work and what kinds are
less effective in the exploration of ephemeral matters?

The aim of Re-Thinking Ephemera is two-fold: (1) to work toward defining
ephemera as a complex and multi-faceted critical category in terms of its
literary, cultural, and historical significance and (2) to serve as a
handbook to provide pedagogical strategies and teaching tools for exploring
ephemeral matters in the undergraduate and graduate level classroom.

Titles of essays accepted for the volume include
· "Toward a Pedagogy of the Ephemeral"
· "Ephemera Should Last Forever: Regaining Rhetorical Theories of Ephemera
for the Modern Writing Classroom"
· "Virtual Ephemera: Computers, Classrooms, and Early Modern 'Monumental'
· "The Student Miscellany Project: Exploring the Ephemeral in Early Modern
Literary Culture"
· "Sennet,Flourish, Tucket: Contextualizing Shakespeare's Early Modern
Musical Shorthand"
· "Ephemeral Traces in Domestic English Travel Writing"
· "Shakespeare, Early Modern / Postmodern (Performance, Pedagogy, and
· "Spreading the News: Broadside Ballads in the Eighteenth-Century
Literature Classroom"
· "Teaching Ephemera: Consumption, Feeling, and the Eighteenth-Century
Culture of Charity in the Contemporary Classroom"

Please submit proposals (preferably by email) of no more than 500 words by
February 1, 2006 to:

Joshua B. Fisher
Campus Box 3052
Department of English
Wingate University
Wingate, NC 28174

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