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David Brandon Absher
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Please find attached the Call for Papers for disClosure 16 - Emotions.

Brandon Absher

Emotion plays an undeniably important role in our lives. Yet, social theor=
y has tended to focus most often on the cognitive aspects of human social=
 living. In our attempts to understand human life as a social phenomenon=
 perhaps we have overlooked something just as important; something even f=
undamental. In this issue of disClosure, we seek to begin to redress thi=
s oversight =E2=80=93 we seek to think emotion from within the ambit of s=
ocial theory. =20

The editorial collective of disClosure seeks submissions that explore issue=
s relating to emotion as it is found, articulated, and understood in a va=
riety of disciplines and approaches. Possible topics for consideration mi=
ght include the following:

Specific Emotions

Spaces of Emotion/Emotional Spaces
Public Space/Spaces
Spaces of Pleasure
Spaces of Suffering
Places of Embarrassment
Representations of Emotion
(Pop) Cultural

Politics and Regulation of Emotion
Psychosis and Emotion
Institutionalized Expectations
Institutionalized Reactions
Emotional Boundaries and Transgression
Mass Consumption and/of Emotion
Production and/of Emotion
Reason vs. Affect

Emotion and Digital Media
Virtual Emotions
Virtual Representations of Emotion
Digital Extirpation of Emotion
Digital Enhancement of Emotion=20

disClosure is a blind refereed journal produced in conjunction with the Com=
mittee on Social Theory at the University of Kentucky. The journal welcom=
es submissions from all theoretical perspectives and genres (scholarly ar=
ticles, interviews, reviews, short fiction, poetry, artwork) and from aut=
hors and artists (academically affiliated or not) concerned with social t=
heory. Editorial decisions are based solely on merit.

SUBMISSION INFORMATION: Papers: Include three copies of text submissions, d=
ouble spaced and no more than 10,000 words. Manuscripts, notes, and bibli=
ographies should follow Chicago format. Art and other graphic material ma=
y be submitted as transparencies, prints, or electronic files (with hard =
copy provided for proofing). Please do not submit material that has been =
half-toned for publication (e.g., pictures in books or catalogues). Art/P=
oetry: Artists should submit digital or camera-ready material. Electronic=
 submissions should be accompanied by a hard copy. Art cannot be returned=
, so do not send originals. Include one copy of poetry submissions. N.B. =
Authors are responsible for securing copyright and fair-use notices and m=
ust submit them prior to disClosure publication. All material accepted by=
 disClosure for publication becomes property of the journal. disClosure i=
s not responsible for loss or damage resulting from submission.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 14, 2006

Mail to: disClosure
College of Arts and Sciences
213 Patterson Office Tower
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0027

If you have any questions regarding submissions, please feel free to contac=
t the editor of disClosure 16, Brandon Absher, at DC-EDITOR_at_LSV.UKY.EDU

disClosure is an annual journal of social theory featuring scholarly articl=
es, creative writing, interviews, book reviews, and original artwork from=
 international contributors. For a look at previous issues, please visit=

David Brandon Absher
Editor disClosure 16
University of Kentucky
Department of Philosophy
1415 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington, Kentucky 40506
(859) 257-3517

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