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Marc Leverette

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Proposals and contributions are being sought for a commissioned edited =
collection of essays focused on the television series South Park =
(1997-). Surrounded by controversy since its first season, South Park =
has consistently been at the front of televised cultural discourse, the =
irony, of course, being that it is a largely offensive cartoon that =
bills itself as otherwise apolitical entertainment. The collection aims =
to focus on pioneering areas of analysis and new critical approaches to =
television today, generating lively debate while as providing an learned =
yet creative arena for considering contemporary television culture in =
new and different ways. The collection will be aimed at an educated, but =
not specialized, audience. With an emphasis on keeping the collection =
interdisciplinary, essays chosen for inclusion should be scholarly and =
knowledgeable, but not obscure.=20

The following topics are merely suggestions. Possible ideas may include, =
but are not limited to:=20

  a.. Advertising and the selling of SP
  b.. Ancillary texts (Team America, Orgazmo, Baseketball, etc.)
  c.. Celebrity (celebration of, or skewering of, or both)
  d.. DVD releases
  e.. Fan Communities
  f.. Feminism
  g.. Gender
  h.. Genre
  i.. God/Jesus/Satan
  j.. Judaism/Evangelicalism/Catholicism
  k.. Individual episodes
  l.. Intertextuality (pop culture references, high culture references, =
  m.. Language (it's use of profanity, etc.)
  n.. Main characters (the boys, parents, teachers, Chef, etc.)
  o.. Marketing/merchandising
  p.. Minor characters (Mr. Slave, Towelie, Jesus, Satan, Saddam =
Hussein, etc.)
  q.. Music
  r.. Popular Culture
  s.. Postmodernism
  t.. Queer Theory/Studies
  u.. Race
  v.. Religion/spirituality
  w.. Seasons 1-8
  x.. Self-referentiality
  y.. Sex
  z.. Slash Fan Fiction
  aa.. South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
  ab.. SP & American history (its represnetaion of, etc.)
  ac.. SP & Comedy Central
  ad.. SP & critical theory (psychoanalysis, etc.)
  ae.. SP & Prime time animation (The Simpsons, King of the Hill, etc.)
  af.. SP & its place in American television
  ag.. SP & its place in global television
  ah.. SP & its audience
  ai.. SP & its critics
  aj.. SP & its influences
  ak.. SP & politics
  al.. SP & the body
  am.. SP & the media environment
  an.. SP & the web
  ao.. SO and/as deconstruction
  ap.. SP and/as media literacy
  aq.. SP and/as political discourse
  ar.. SP and/as public pedagogy
  as.. SP as "Quality Television"
  at.. SP as TV auteurism=20
  au.. Studies of specific characters
  av.. Trey Parker and Matt Stone



Please send either your completed essay or a 500-1,000 word description =
of the essay you would like to contribute as an e-mail attachment =
(preferably in Word) to by April 1st, 2006.

Please include a brief biography or brief cv.=20

Marc Leverette
Department of Speech Communication
213C Eddy Building
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1783

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