UPDATE: Toni Morrison Society (1/15/06; ALA, 5/25/06-5/28/06)

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The Toni Morrison Society invites proposals for 2 panels at the 2006 =
American Literature Association Conference, May 25-28, San Francisco, =
California. Email 200 word proposals to address below by 15 Jan. 2006.

1. Toni Morrison and Black Women Writers:=20
Morrison's impact on women writers=20
How Morrison has opened up "space" for women writers=20
The shifts in Black women's fiction before and after Morrison=20
The relationship of Morrison's fictional texts to other genres of Black =
men's writing.=20

2. Toni Morrison and Post Colonialism:=20
Papers on how Morrison's text represents new forms of Black expressive =
course, not solely based on a response to social injustice but involving =
a =3D=20
critique of multiple forms of discrimination and oppression =
inside/outside =3D=20
specific cultural/geographical boundaries.=20
Yvonne Atkinson=20
Membership Chair, TMS=20
909 537-5837=20

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