CFP: Asian American Encyclopedia Entries (3/31/06; collection)

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Dr. Seiwoong Oh
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Call for Contributions

Asian American Entries in Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Literature

Scholars of Asian American literature are invited to contribute articles
to be included in the Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Literature, a
5-volume set in which the Asian American entries will be a separate
volume. The Encyclopedia will be published in late 2006 by Facts On
File, a New York publisher of reference books for high school and
college students ( <>).

Entries range between 500-800 words, and each contributor may write one
or several entries. Contributors who write a total of 3,000 published
words or more will receive a copy of the five-volume set (tentatively
priced at $325); those who write less will receive five copies of their
entry or entries and will have an option to buy the set or the Asian
American volume at half price. All payments will be made at the time of
publication of the Encyclopedia.

If you are interested in participating in this project for high school
and young college students, please contact Seiwoong Oh (editor in charge
of the Asian American volume) by email. Please include a list of authors
you are interested in writing about, as well as a short bio; your
daytime phone number; and your e-mail and regular mail addresses.
Shortly after December 31 (after I return from the MLA), I will send you
your assignment, guidelines, a style sheet, sample entries, and a
contract. Deadline for entries: March 31, 2006. Preference will be given
to those who can send in their entries early, before the deadline. I
have already collected 250 entries on major Asian American authors and
their literary works. The following list represents 90 or so entries to
be added to my collection. Please feel free to suggest any new or newly
discovered authors.

Seiwoong Oh, Ph. D., Professor and Chair, Department of English, Rider
University, 2083 Lawrenceville Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648-3099, USA

E-mail: <>

List of Available Entries

Talat Abbasi

            Bitter Gourd and Other Stories

Jiro Adachi

            The Island of Bicycle Dancers

Samina Ali

            Madras on a Rainy Day

Suchi Asano

            In Broken Wigwag

Virginia R. Cerenio
May-Lee Chai

            My Lucky Face

Eugenie Chan
Sara Chin

            Below the Line

Kavita Daswani

            For Matrimonial Purposes

            The Village Bride of Beverly Hills

Anita Desai (already assigned)

Clear Light of Day

Baumgartner's Bombay

            Fasting, Feasting
Kip Fulbeck

            Paper Bullets

Naomi Hirahara

            Summer of the Big Bachi

Minfong Ho

Tess Uriza Holthe

            When the Elephants Dance

Bill Hosokawa

Kim Wong Keltner

            The Dim Sum of All Things

            Buddha Baby

Nancy Kim

            Chinhominey's Secret

Patti Kim

            A Cab Called Reliable

Bharti Kirchner



Helena Kuo (Kuo Ching-Ch'iu)

I've Come a Long Way

            Westward to Chungking
Dan Kwong
Andrew Lam
Alan Chong Lau
Carolyn Lau
Cherylene Lee
Paul Stephen Lim
Fatima Lim-Wilson
Vyvyane Loh

            Breaking the Tongue

Bette Bao Lord
Sujata Massey's new works

            The Typhoon Lover

            The Pearl Diver

Pat Matsueda
Takashi Matsuoka

            Autumn Bridge

            Cloud of Sparrows

Ameena Meer

            Bombay Talkie

Mary Anne Mohanraj

            Bodies in Motion

Meera Nair

            Video: Stories

Jude Narita
Kien Nguyen

            The Tapestries

Sanjay Nigam

            Transplanted Man

Lane Nishikawa
Dwight Okita
Julie Otsuka (already assigned)

            When the Emperor Was Divine

Ruth Ozeki (already assigned)

            My Year of Meats

            All Over Creation


Gary Pak

            A Ricepaper Airplane

Linda Sue Park (already assigned)

Iqbal Pittalwala (already assigned)

            Dear Paramount Pictures (Short Stories)

Imad Rahman

            I Dream of Microwaves

Sung Rno
Brian Ascalon Roley (already assigned)

            American Son


Sophia G. Romero

            Always Hiding

Laura Joh Rowland

            The Perfumed Sleeve

Teresa Le Yung Ryan

            Love Made of Heart

Albert Saijo
Patsy Sumie Saiki
Edward Sakamoto
Kerri Sakamoto

            One Hundred Million Hearts

Bina Sharif
Julie Shigekuni

            Invisible Gardens

            A Bridge Between Us

Sonia Singh

            Bollyhood Confidential

            Goddess for Hire

Linda Ching Sledge

            A Map of Paradise

Kathleen Tamagawa

Amy Tan's new Novel (already assigned)

            Saving Fish From Drowning

Hilary Tham

Alice Tuan
Linda Ty-Casper
Kathleen Tyau

            A Little Too Much Is Enough

Denise Uyehara
Thrity Umrigar

            Bombay Time

Samrat Upadhyay

            The Guru of Love

Ermena Marlene Vinluan
Nanying Stella Wong
Nellie Wong
Rae Yang

Chay Yew

Mia Yun

            Translations of Beauty

            House of the Winds

Mako Yushikawa (already assigned)

            One Hundred One Ways

            Once Removed

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