UPDATE: Space of Garden - Space of Culture (Poland) (1/31/06; 5/13/06-5/15/06)

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Jaroslaw Pluciennik
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We are pleased to inform you that between May 13th and May
15th, 2006, Katedra Teorii Literatury [Department of Theory
of Literature] of Instytut Teorii Literatury, Teatru i Sztuk
Audiowizualnych [Institute of the Theory of Literature,
Theatre and Audio-Visual Arts] of Uniwersytet Lodzki [the
University of Lodz] organizes an international conference
devoted to:

Space of a Garden â€" Space of Culture

        The notion of Garden has been a long-standing element in
the literary and artistic tradition. It is a significant
thematic inspiration and introduces important axiological,
epistemological and aesthetic problems.
        The Garden’s meaning is revealed in the form of a metaphor
which underlies both the scholarly discourse of contemporary
humanities and the elementary verbalizations of the world
around us.
        The multiplicity of iconic representations makes us treat
the Garden’s meaning as an obvious topos while its
universality and specific rhetorical function remain hidden.
The paradox of the petrified and forgotten meaning opens the
discussion of the past of this notion, but also on the new
senses, confirmed by its irreducible presence in
contemporary culture.
        The Garden is represented in many different artistic
languages. This points to the universality of the problem as
well as to the transgression of arts which preserve the
Garden’s semantic function. The Garden is not only the
subject of many artworks but also a construction which gives
coherence to a work of art - let us mention only the
tradition of the literary pleasure garden or the attempts
at making a city the architectural equivalent of the Garden.
Spatial dependence of the Garden and the text may be seen in
the attempts at conducting a narrative, therefore letting us
discuss the questions of the identity of the speaking subject.
        Thus the Garden becomes an intersemiotic problem that opens
the discourse on the correspondence of arts and
problematizes the questions of semantic identity, connected
with specific means of expression and the problems of their
        Large number of artistic representations (literature, art,
film, theatre) makes the Garden a form of a notional model.
This concept of the Garden lets us discuss its axiological
and ontological functions.
        The universal presence of iconic and textual
representations of the Garden in culture makes it possible
to discuss its rhetorical representation. This problem might
be called “an emblematic dilemma”, based on the mutual
motivation of the image and the text. It is all the more
important today, in the face of multimedia culture.
        The anthropological universality of the problem of the
Garden reaches beyond the traditional limits of
Mediterranean culture, becoming a significant motif of the
new branch of thought called transcultural aesthetics.
        The complex nature of the problem in question encourages us
to invite to our conference literary scholars, art
historians, film and theatre scholars as well as
philosophers interested in in the anthropological aspects of
        We will do our best to publish a volume of texts presented
at the conference.
        The conference will take place in Lesny ZakÅ'ad
Doswiadczalny SGGW Arboretum in Rogow.
        The registration fee is 300 zÅ', payable to the account of
the University of Lodz:
PKO S.A. II O/Lodz
(supplemented by a note: o ogrodach [about gardens])

You are kindly requested to send your application, a
suggested title of the article and its short abstract before
February 2006 to the following address:

Instytut Teorii Literatury,
Teatru i Sztuk Audiowizualnych UŁ

Ul. FranciszkaÅ"ska 1/5,
91 â€" 431 Łódź

tel. (042) 66-55-133
or to the e-mail address given below.

We cordially invite everyone interested in this topic to
take part in the event.

Prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Gazda
Kierownik Instytutu Teorii Literatury, [Director of the
Institute] Teatru i Sztuk Audiowizualnych UŁ

Dr Mariusz GoÅ'ab

Important information:
There is a direct airway from London to Lodz.

Dr hab. Jaroslaw Pluciennik
        Assoc. Professor
        University of Lodz
        Chair of Theory of Literature
        Institute of Theory of Literature,
        Theatre and Audio-Visual Arts
        Palac Biedermanna, Franciszkanska 1/5
        91-431 Lodz, Poland

e-mail: jarrek_at_uni.lodz.pl
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            Home: +48 42 617 13 42
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