CFP: 20th-C English Literature Division (3/1/06; MLA '06)

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Phyllis Lassner

Call for Papers for 2006 MLA 20th Century English Literature Division
Panel, Philadelphia, Dec. 27-30

         Organizer: Phyllis Lassner, Northwestern University

          "Britain in the Twentieth Century: Homeland? Haven? Exile?"

         Papers are invited that explore representations of immigration to
Britain in the twentieth century. Although much attention has been given
to the acculturation, displacements, and cultural re-formations of colonial
and postcolonial British subjects in Britain, this panel will provide a
comparative perspective. In addition to exploring representations of
emigration from British colonial and postcolonial sites, the panel will
consider the experiences and representations of immigrants from eastern and
southern Europe and in turn, British responses to these various immigrant
groups and their cultural practices and productions.

         We invite discussions of writing and other forms of representation
by and about various immigrant groups, including Jews, gypsies, and other
peoples throughout Europe and anywhere else who sought safety and security
in Britain over the course of the twentieth century. In order to
understand this experience in context with British reception, we also
welcome papers about the following subjects:
         parliamentary and media debates on the perceived and projected
effects of immigration on British culture and identity, on the legal and
cultural status of immigrants as refugees, expatriates, enemy or friendly
aliens, or as future citizens; on the impact of immigration on immigrants'
cultural identity and production, on gender relations, and on
relations with other groups of immigrants.

Please send inquiries or 300 word, double spaced abstracts by March 1, 2006 to
Phyllis Lassner:

Phyllis Lassner
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. USA

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