CFP: Word & Image (Germany) (1/21/06; 5/24/06-5/27/06)

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Michael Meyer
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Word & Image

Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of New English

University of Koblenz-Landau, Campus Koblenz, Germany, May 24-27, 2006

The simultaneous use of verbal and visual forms of representation
constitutes a major feature of anglophone literatures and cultures, but
the similarities and differences between words and images and the
parameters of their coexistence have hardly been theorised and
critically explored in depth. Post/colonial critiques often stress that
the Other transcends verbal representation, without, however, discussing
the nature of the visual representation of the Other or its relationship
to its verbal context.

The aim of the conference is to debate the complex and changing
relationships of verbal and visual forms of representation in the
context of post/colonial and transcultural anglophone writings and
discourses. The following questions are meant to prompt a more
comprehensive inquiry into the use of images beyond the mere
illustration of texts:

· Do images and words complement or supplement each other?

· Do images render the visible world legible?

· Do images succeed where words fail to represent the Other?

· Do visual and verbal representations add up or rather detract from
each other?

· Do images and the body of the text reveal each other's gaps and
shifting significations, refocusing attention and expectations?

· How and for which reasons do representations offer, defamiliarize, or
subvert the voyeuristic gaze?

· How and to which end do texts and images negotiate the power, the
pleasure and the fear of being watched?

Travel writing, Gothic narratives, children's and young adult
literature, maps, cartoons, photography, painting, movies and websites
are of special interest for presentations and discussions. Papers may
want to consider the works on image, illustration, photography, film,
the new media, the gaze and voyeurism by critics such as Nancy
Armstrong, Jacques Aumont, Roland Barthes, Norman Bryson, Norman Denzin,
Jill Casid, James Heffernan, Friedrich Kittler, Murray Krieger, J.
Hillis Miller, Nicholas Mirzoeff, W.J.T. Mitchell, Peter Wagner, etc.
You are very welcome to make additional suggestions for approaches,
genres and thematic sections for the conference.

A teachers' workshop on Friday, 26 May 2006, will consider verbal and
visual material that is highly interesting for teaching New English
Literatures and Cultures at schools.

There will also be a research forum and a poster exhibition on current
work in progress organized by the ASNEL Executive Board (see here for

We would like to provide slots of 20 minutes for papers and 10 minutes
for discussions.

*NEW: The deadline for abstracts is **31 January 2006**. *

Contact address:

Prof. Dr. Michael Meyer

Universität Koblenz-Landau
Campus Koblenz

Universitätsstrasse 1
56070 Koblenz


For more information about the conference please consult the website:

Prof. Dr. Michael Meyer
- Anglistik -
Universität Koblenz-Landau
Universitätsstrasse 1, F 118
56070 Koblenz

Tel. 0261-287-2014
Priv. 0951-200801
Mobil 0163-2757641

Seebachstraße 45b
96103 Hallstadt

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