UPDATE: Andrew Nelson Lytle (1/20/06; ALA, 5/25/06-5/28/06)

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Miller, Shawn
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Deadline extended to 20 January.

Abstracts invited: "Breaking New Ground on Andrew Lytle," a proposed
session for the American Literature Association's annual conference in
San Francisco, 25-28 May 2006.

After a decade of near-obscurity, Andrew Nelson Lytle has reemerged as a
pertinent figure in southern literary history. In the work of Richard
Gray, for instance, Lytle's career serves as a handy example of how a
southern cultural and literary orthodoxy came to be. The fiction,
however, remains largely neglected. To begin a remedy, this session
seeks new interpretations and new approaches. Possible topics for papers
might include:

*Lytle's less-studied works, including the short stories
*New approaches to *The Velvet Horn*
*Considering Lytle's work in contexts other than the South and the
*Lytle's influences and those he influenced
*Theoretical approaches to Lytle's fiction

The list is not exhaustive; all good work that breaks new ground is

By 20 January, send a 300-word abstract, plus a brief description of
your status and relevant work (required by ALA), to Shawn Miller at
<semiller_at_uwc.edu>. MS Word attachments preferred.

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