CFP: The Feminine in Hemingway (3/1/06; SAMLA, 11/10/06-11/12/06)

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Jill Jividen
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Call for Papers for the 2006 SAMLA Convention Hemingway Society Panel

"The Feminine in Hemingway"

The work of Ernest Hemingway has seemed nearly inextricable from gender
criticism in recent years, with a proliferation of theory regarding the
writer's obsession with masculine themes—war, sport, and rugged
individualism. This panel will focus on how the feminine emerges within
Hemingway's work and how the writer repudiates, alienates, or celebrates
feminine themes and characters. Exploration of Hemingway's ambivalence
toward the feminine proves boundless; his fiction contains profound
awareness, fear, and fascination of feminine things, and his characters
exhibit tendencies to both embrace and resist what they deem feminine.
Paper topics could include, but certainly are not limited to:

Study of an individual female character (e.g., Maria, Margot Macomber, etc.)
Feminine characteristics in male characters (and denial thereof)
The femme fatale
Psychoanalysis and gender
Sex as the feminine domain
Androgyny and "the wound"
Women and death
The feminine ideal
The mother figure (or caregiver)
Sex games and gender identity
Sexual and non-sexual women

Please send 250-word abstracts to Jill Jividen, USC Department of English,
1620 College St., Columbia, SC 29208, or email to
Deadline is March 1.

The 2006 convention of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association will
by held November 10-12 at the Hilton Charlotte Center City in Charlotte, NC.

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