CFP: Male sexuality in the Female Mind (4/15/06; collection)

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Anna Fåhraeus
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Male Sexuality in the Female Mind =96 from Aphra Behn to Slash Fan =

This is an open call for proposal abstracts. We are putting together a=20=

collection of essays that focus on how male sexuality has been=20
represented by women writers, from Aphra Behn=92s post-Restoration drama=20=

to cyber space fan fiction (slash specifically). The objective of the=20
study is to highlight, trace and analyze representations of male desire=20=

and sexuality through texts (literary, cinematic, cyber, etc) in order=20=

to explore how male sexuality is and has been imagined and re-imagined=20=

by women writers. It is hoped and expected that the collection will=20
find a readership both inside and outside academia.

Abstract length 300-500 words. Proposal deadline April 15, 2006. Essay=20=

length 3000-7000 words. Submission deadline October 15, 2006. If=20
submissions have been published elsewhere or been proposed for=20
publication in another source, this must be indicated. All=20
proposals/submissions should include the name, address, academic=20
affiliation, email, and phone number of the submitter/author and should=20=

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