CFP: Popular Culture: The Accidental Detective (3/1/06; SAMLA, 11/10/06-11/12/06)

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Greg Nicholson
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Popular Culture Section:
The Accidental Detective/Detection by Accident

This year¡¦s topic for the Popular Culture Section at
SAMLA is ¡§The Accidental Detective/Detection by
Accident.¡¨ Papers are sought that examine detectives
who are not, at least originally, detectives by
profession but find themselves solving mysteries,
crimes, or problems nonetheless. Alternatively,
examinations of detectives whose primary method seems
to be the accidental discovery of clues/solutions are
also welcome. How do these atypical detectives
complicate the genre, or do they reinforce detective
conventions? What do these detectives have in common,
if anything? Why are these detectives seemingly more
prevalent today, or are they? Why are these
detectives so popular? How do these detectives fit
into other popular culture trends? Papers are
encouraged to conceive the term ¡§detective¡¨ broadly
(e.g. Freud as detective). Papers may wish to
consider the detective in:
"X Television (Murder She Wrote, Veronica Mars,
Diagnosis Murder, Monk, etc.)
"X Film (The Big Lebowski, Devil in a Blue Dress, Dark
City, etc.)
"X Fiction (The DaVinci Code, Miss Marple, Snow Crash,
"X Other popular media

One page abstracts (approximately 300 words) for 20
minute presentations should be submitted by e-mail
(preferred) to as a Word
attachment by March 1, 2006. Mail submissions can be
sent to:
Gregory Nicholson
116 Linton Hall
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824

In order for the proposal to be considered, include
the following information:

1. Panelist Name and Institution as this information
should appear in the convention program
2. Panelist Address: street, city, state, zip
3. Panelist Phone Number: area code - number
4. Panelist Email address
5. AV Equipment Request: Due to the high cost of AV
equipment, all AV requests must be made in writing by
the panelist and included with each panelist proposal
to the session chair. If a panelist does not wish to
have any AV equipment, this information must also be
6. Panelist proposal, Session Title, Name of Session
Chair and including a title as it should appear in the
convention program

Presenters must be current members of SAMLA by 1 May
2006. The SAMLA meeting will be Nov. 10-12, 2006, in
Charlotte, North Carolina. For more details, please

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