CFP: Victorian Division, MLA Convention (3/1/06; MLA '06)

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Linda Peterson
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CFP: Victorian Division, MLA convention (1 March 2006; 27-30 December 2006)

Victorian Keywords Reconsidered
The three sessions of the Victorian Division will reconsider keywords
from Walter Houghton's Victorian Frame of Mind (1957), William F.
Buckley's The Victorian Temper (1964), Raymond Williams's Keywords
(1976), and/or other seminal texts. Which "keywords" still have the
valence they once held for critics such as Houghton, Buckley, and
Williams? How have our views of Victorian literature and culture
changed in the past 50 years? What substitutes, revisions, or
additions to these keywords have later critical orientations
provided? Possibilities include: work, labor, industry, progress,
decline; hero, heroine, gentleman, lady, woman, class, status; faith,
doubt, optimism, anxiety, earnestness, dogmatism; genius,
originality, artist, author, profession, vocation, career. 2-page
abstracts by 1 March 2006; Linda Peterson (

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