CFP: The Post-Romance in Contemporary Film (5/15/06; collection)

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CFP: A Cinema of Love. A Cinema of Hate. The Post-Romance in
Contemporary Film.

Editors: Antje Ascheid (University of Georgia) and Nina Martin (Emory

This anthology seeks to explore the recent emergence of the
"post-romance" in international art cinema, which represents issues of
dating, love, sex and romance, along with modern urbanity,
"singularization" and isolation in a fundamentally pessimistic or at
least highly skeptical fashion. The concerns of contemporary plays and
novels chronicling the collapse of the family, the breakdown of
marriages and the atomized loneliness of modern existence (Franzen,
Houellebecq, etc.) are matched here with the re-emerging traditions of
art cinema in independent film. As early as 1998, LA Times critic
Kenneth Turan pointed to a new trend towards immorality and nihilistic
darkness in independent cinema, diagnosing in films like Happiness
(Solondz, 1998) or Your Friends and Neighbors (La Bute, 1998) an
inappropriate "lust for the grim." Like-minded critics suggested the
emergence of a "new cinema of hate." Since then, there has been a
marked increase in this generic development identifiable in art films
across an international spectrum. This volume proposes to investigate
the phenomenon of the "post-romance" as a counterpoint to popular
romance narratives prominent in heritage cinema and the romantic comedy
in a global context.

Possible paper topics could include, but are not limited to, recent
films by Lars van Trier, Todd Solondz, Catherine Breillat, Olivier
Assayas, François Ozon, Neil LaBute, Mike Nichols, Michael Haneke,
Oskar Roehler, Andreas Dresen, Roger Avery, Nicole Holofcener, Wong
Kar-Wei, Coline Serreau and many others.

Proposals of 300-500 words should be submitted by May 15, 2006.

Electronic submission should go to:

Antje Ascheid
Assistant Professor of Film Studies
Fine Arts Building
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

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