CFP: Changing the Subject: What is Called Theory (grad) (3/1/06; 4/22/06-4/23/06)

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EGSO Albany
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Call for Panels and Papers: Deadline 3/1/06
The English Graduate Student Organization (EGSO) of
the University at Albany, SUNY announces its annual
graduate student conference Saturday April 22 and
Sunday April 23, 2006:

Changing the Subject: Poesis, Praxis, and Theoria in
the Humanities

Robert Scholes is the Keynote Speaker, presenting a
paper titled "Changing the Subject: Periodical
Call for Papers and Panels: What Is Called Theory?

Martin Heidegger's swansong as a professor at the
University of Freiburg was published under the title,
WHAT IS CALLED THINKING? This was Heidegger's attempt
to elucidate and illustrate the very act of thinking,
starting from the premise that "what is most
thought-provoking is that we are still not thinking."
He questioned the most basic presupposition of Western
ontology--i.e.: that we are beings who may be defined
by our thinking--in order to explore questions not
only of thinking but also of identity. We would like
to propose a similar tactic in terms of critical
theory. Are we thinking critically about criticism? Or
can we say that what is most worthy of criticism is
that we are not thinking critically? What does theory
mean to us today? Who are we as critical thinkers or
theorists? What is called theory?

Questions to be considered include:
--Can/should theory be taught?
--Who do we think we are, as theorists?

--What is the role of theory in literary studies?
--Is the teaching of theory a distraction from or
supplement to the teaching of literature?

--What is the future of theory, or does it have any,
given the recent discussion of post-theory?

Please submit a 250-400 word proposal for papers
and/panels by March 1, 2006 to Jon Coller and Steve
Weber at

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