CFP: DoubleTake/Points of Entry: Book Reviews on Narrative/Literary Journalism and Documentary (3/5/06; journal issue)

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John Hartsock
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CFP: DoubleTake/Points of Entry call for book reviews on narrative/literary journalism and documentary

The recently merged journal DoubleTake/Points of Entry seeks book reviews on an ongoing basis.


Submission guidelines:


We are interested in book reviews of and about narrative journalism
(a.k.a., literary journalism, creative nonfiction, etc.). We are also interested in reviews of books in the documentary tradition, both narrative and photographic. The reviews should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words in length. The reviews may be on either contemporary or historical examples of the genre. If historical, the review should reflect at least a passing familiarity with the critical perspectives on the work, as well as contribute new insights. However, thoughtful reviews of existing scholarship and other critical perspectives on a historical work that will help critics and writers of the form to engage in further investigation will also be considered. For reviews of books that are not recent publications, consider in the review why the book is worth re-examining at this time (e.g., as a teacher's resource, as a writer's resource, and so on). Professional journalists' perspectives on the craft as reflected in contemporary or historical examples are welcome. Essays m!
 ay be informal or formal, but should bear in mind in tone and style the journal's purpose as a meeting ground for different perspectives. Inquiries welcome. Reviews to be considered for the next issue should be received by March 5, 2006.


For book review submissions:

* Length: 1,000-1,500 words

* Mail one hard copy or e-mail a Microsoft Word attached file of the piece to:

John C. Hartsock, Ph.D.

Book Review Editor, DoubleTake /Points of Entry

Department of Communication Studies

SUNY Cortland

P.O. Box 2000

Cortland, NY 13045-0900 <>




* Include an appropriately sized, self-addressed and stamped envelope for MS return.
* Supply "Clean" MicrosoftWord electronic copies upon acceptance.
* We offer no compensation for published work.
* Published book reviewers will receive one copy of the journal.

* For book reviews citing sources: use a discipline-appropriate style (e.g., M.L.A., Chicago, A.P.A.).

* Use end notes.


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