CFP: Romanticism and Translation (2/15/06; NASSR, 8/31/06-9/3/06)

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Romanticism and Translation - special session for NASSR 2006
The purpose of the panel is to explore ways that translation has affected =20
and continues to affect the production and dissemination of Romanticism. The=
problems of translation=E2=80=93denotation versus connotation; word-for-word=
 versus =20
sense-for-sense; cultural differences; ideological implications, to name a =20=
have become so commonplace that we tend to overlook the real impact =20
translation has on both the creation and exchange of knowledge. Therefore, t=
he =20
Conference topics=E2=80=93techne and scientia=E2=80=93provide two prisms thr=
ough which the subject=20
of translation might be defamiliarized. From the perspective of =E2=80=9Cte=
papers can focus on the craft of translation, as it was defined =20
contemporaneously in the Romantic Period, or as its evolution has affected t=
he production of=20
Romantic texts for various cultures. Similarly, papers concentrating on=20=
scientia=E2=80=9D can examine the ways knowledge has been, and continues to=
 be, affected=20
by the act of translation, whether in relation to particular texts or to=20
cultural interchange. Possible topics may include: The Craft of Translation=
the Romantic Period; The Effect of New Translation Techniques on the Readin=
g of=20
Romantic Texts; The Kinds/Range of Translated Texts; Cross-Romanticisms=20
through Translation; Influences of Other Cultures on Romanticism in General=
, or=20
Specific Writers in Particular; Influences of Romanticism on Other Cultures=
on Specific Writers. Submit to this special session by e-mailing Sheila=20
Spector at: _sspec46166_at_aol.com_ ( . Proposals sho=
uld be=20
two pages (500 words) with a one-page _curriculum vitae_, and should be=20
submitted electronically in the body of an e-mail or as an attachment in .w=
.doc, or .rtf. by February 15, 2006.

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