UPDATE: Domesticating Discontent (grad) (1/25/06; 3/10/06-3/11/06)

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W. Mark Giles
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Domesticating Discontent


Abstracts are invited for "Domesticating Discontent," a panel intended as
part of The Widening Gyre: Literature, Politics, the Future. This is the
2006 Free Exchange graduate student conference at the University of Calgary
in Calgary, AB, Canada (10-11 March 2006).
See http://www.english.ucalgary.ca/FreeExchange/CFPan%20Page.html for
conference information.

Gyan Prakash writes that "as capitalism expands, it expresses itself in
ever-changing forms, inhabiting pre- and noncapitalist forms, domesticating
and subordinating them" (197). Whether you call it capitalism, or modernity,
or bourgeois complacency, or globalization, or Godzilla, the monolithic
transnational/transcultural beast is adept at swallowing resistance whole
and regurgitating it for mass consumption.

And so techniques of experimental film transform into the basic grammar of
rock videos. Disney colonizes hybridity with movies such as Lilo & Stitch.
Like hippies-turned-stockbrokers, will today's culturejammers become
tomorrow's brand managers?

This panel invites proposals for papers, or creative works of prose, poetry
or performance, that explore the domestication of discontent. You are
encouraged to consider any historical period in any area of study of the
humanities or social sciences. Topics of interest might include but are not
limited to:

disciplining ideas, movements, writers
avant-garde histories
gender and sexual orientation
selling out/buying in
(in)effective discontent
interdisciplinary art production
funding of art or research
scientific discourse

Papers should be between 15-20 minutes in length. 250-word abstracts are
due 25 January, 2006. Submit 250-word abstracts to: W. Mark Giles
Work Cited

Prakash, Gyan. "Who's Afraid of Postcoloniality?" Social Text 49 (Winter
1996): 187-203.

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