CFP: Narrative and the Moving Image (5/15/06; journal issue)

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Allan Cameron


The online journal REFRACTORY is seeking contributions regarding
narrative in relation to audiovisual media (cinema, television and new
media). We invite a variety of approaches and topics, but are
particularly interested in essays that explore new areas and objects of
narrative study, or offer new perspectives on existing debates.

For example, certain theorists have suggested that narrative is
increasingly displaced in the age of digital media, or that narrative's
claim on early cinema has been overstated. These debates intertwine
with arguments regarding the depletion of narrative's influence within
postmodern image culture. How do these arguments relate to what may
appear to be, from some perspectives, the strange perseverence of
narrative in contemporary culture? How is narrative reframed within
that culture, and how do shifts in our conception of narrative alter
our understanding of existing debates and texts?

The potential scope of analysis is very broad: published essays may
offer close analysis of individual works, for example, or address wider
theoretical or historical questions.

Possible areas for consideration:
o Narrative aesthetics.
o Time and narrative.
o Space and narrative.
o Narrative and modernity/postmodernity.
o Memory/history and narrative.
o Narrative and early cinema.
o Narrative and digital media/computer games.
o Television narratives.
o Narrative and the DVD format.
o Literary adaptation and narrative.
o Revisiting narrative theory.

Please submit completed articles of 3,000-7,000 words to the guest
editor Allan Cameron (
electronically as a rich text format document (hard copies will not be
returned) by May 15 2006. For style details, please consult the journal
website. Refractory is a fully refereed journal. All submissions will
be anonymously peer reviewed before acceptance.

Allan Cameron
Cinema Studies Department
The School of Art History, Cinema, Classics and Archaeology
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010 Australia
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