CFP: Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies: The New Woman (6/1/06; journal issue)

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Melissa Purdue
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Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies is currently accepting submissions for a
special Summer 2006 issue on "The New Woman and Sexuality." The New Woman of
the fin de siecle challenged gender norms by pushing for greater career and
educational opportunities, by arguing for the necessity of marriage reform
and by frankly acknowledging women's sexuality. Some, like Sarah Grand, were
proponents of sexual purity while others like Victoria Cross repeatedly
pushed the boundaries. In this special issue we hope to spark discussion on
this fascinating aspect of New Woman literature that has not yet been fully

Possible topics include, but are certainly not limited to:

Portrayals of female sexual desire
The New Woman on sexual double-standards
New Women challenging Victorian sexual ideology
Cross-dressing in New Woman literature
The reception of New Woman literature (charges of "sex-mania" or
The New Woman on sexually transmitted diseases
"Punishment" for sexual relationships in NW literature
Sexuality and the female body
Interracial relationships in New Woman literature
The New Woman on marriage
Sexuality as maternal instinct
The New Woman and homosexuality

We look forward to submissions on a wide variety of New Woman writers,
though submissions on the work of Victoria Cross, George Egerton, Menie
Muriel Dowie or Netta Syrett are particularly welcome.

Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies is committed to publishing insightful and
innovative scholarship on gender studies and nineteenth-century British
literature, art and culture. The journal is a collaborative effort that
brings together advanced graduate students and scholars from a variety of
universities to create a unique voice in the field. We endorse a broad
definition of gender studies and welcome submissions that consider gender
and sexuality in conjunction with race, class, place and nationality.

To be considered for this special issue, submissions must be received before
June 1st.
Please send an electronic version of your submission in Word to: Stacey
Floyd ( and Melissa Purdue ( To facilitate
the peer review process, please send two files—one with your article absent
of all identifying information and another with your brief biographical

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