CFP: Reading Callaloo, Eating Callaloo (7/1/06; journal issue)

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Freeman, Patrick L
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                   A CALLALOO CALL FOR PAPERS


Callaloo is currently putting together material for a special issue in
celebration of its 30th anniversary, to be published in January 2007. The
issue focuses on the cultural, social, and political meaning of callaloo as
food and its significance for and relationship to the journal. In its
exploration of the dish, the journal is not limited to the food callaloo but
its manifestations as, for example, cararu in Brazil and other dishes that,
like Gumbo, boast a similar mélange of historical, material, and cultural
ingredients. With this issue of Callaloo, we look at the ways in which the
dish serves as ritual—as a social and cultural gathering point. The issue is
thematically centered on interviews about the "making" of this dish in order
to explore the real and figurative ground of black diaspora cultural
production and consumption. With its representation of the dish through
interviews and recipes, this special issue of Callaloo is not only a
meditation on the relationship of the vernacular to the literary; it is also
an examination of the journal's role as metatext and the significance of the
oral for physical and metaphysical survival.

We seek submissions in the following areas:

- Creative—literary and artist—explorations of the theme
- Critical explorations of Black diaspora food—history and politics
- Reflections on reading and eating Callaloo
- Callaloo's approach to representing black cultural production

Callaloo Submission Guidelines:
- MLA Format
- Double spaced, 12 point font in Times Roman or equivalent
- Submissions in triplicate (two blind copies and a cover letter with author's
contact information)
- Include an email address or self-addressed envelope (SAE) with postage
sufficient for a letter containing the journal's decision

Deadline for submissions: July 1, 2006

Reading Callaloo, Eating Callaloo
Department of English
Texas A&M University
4227 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-4227

Please direct questions or other correspondence to the Guest Editors for this
issue: Shona N. Jackson (Texas A & M University) at or Karina
L. Cespedes (UC Berkeley) at

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