CFP: Rites of Passage: Exploring Changes in the Travel Motif (2/15/06; 3/2/06-3/4/06)

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Shaswati Mazumdar
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Department of Germanic & Romance Studies
University of Delhi, Delhi - 110007
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Rites of Passage: Exploring changes in the travel motif=20

2-4 March 2006


Though travel has always been a recurring theme in writing, it emerged =
as a significant motif in the 18th and 19th centuries, not only in =
literature but also in philosophical and political discourse. This was a =
reflection of the large-scale migration of people unleashed by the =
process of industrialisation and colonisation as also of the beginnings =
of travel as tourism for the leisured classes.=20

The transformation of the world over the last two centuries has =
witnessed the 'massification' of travel, both as mass tourism and in the =
explosive increase in migration. Both these forms of 'massification' =
have seen unprecedented expansion with the onset of the postcolonial era =
and particularly in the contemporary times of globalisation. This =
expansion has been driven particularly by modern technologies of travel =
and the media, but more generally by the social, economic and political =
conditions that emerged in the last century and then in the postcolonial =
world. While this process has included a redefining of borders, it has =
also sedimented the divides that existed between and within societies, =
albeit in new ways. The temporary escape or displacement of the =
traveller as tourist and the more permanent escape or displacement of =
the traveller as migrant reflect and are linked by these divides.=20

Travel as a motif has been deployed in a variety of modes: as real, =
imaginary and virtual travel, as time travel and as travel in =
hyperreality. But it has always also been concerned, in one way or =
another, with constructing notions of the Self and the Other, or of =
utopian and dystopian worlds. In what ways have these notions changed? =
And how are they reflected in the motif of travel?

The seminar will bring together scholars from different disciplines to =
reflect upon the changes in the motif of travel and explore the artistic =
forms with which writers and other artists have sought to engage with =


[Submission of abstracts (200-300 words): 15 February 2006]=20

Additional Information:

Each paper will be allotted 20-30 minutes for presentation. Given the =
shortage of resources, the Department is unable to offer travel fare. =
However, local hospitality will be provided in the University Guest =
House for outstation participants. A selection of papers of the seminar =
will be published

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