CFP: The Influence of Feminism on the Arts in Britain (4/30/06; collection)

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Call for chapters on the influence of second wave feminism on the arts in
Editor Dimple Godiwala
Publisher Cambridge Scholars Press
Deadline for chapters 30 April 2006
Feminism in Britain has permeated every art form, from drama, dance and
music to the so-called 'low-brow' culture: popular culture. It is seen as a
transgressive force and has influenced culture immeasurably since the second wave
of 60s feminism. Are women equal in the fields of art? Do they still have to
struggle for recognition within the matrix of the various institutions? Who
wields the power in British drama for example? How different is it in the
fields of music, classical or popular? Is popular music more egalitarian? Is it
better to be a woman as a dancer? Are the institutions of British culture that
create performance art now more amenable to women than before? If yes, is
there still a struggle going on for power between the sexes? Secondly, how has
the force-field of feminism influenced art forms and styles? Is music
different today than it was before the feminist era? What about dance or drama? Does
the notion of the 'feminine' permeate art formalistically or stylistically?
Is this new, or is it different, post-feminism?
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